Driver stuck at Tampines Mall carpark gantry grateful for help from kind 'Maserati dude'

Friendly gestures.

Ashley Tan | February 10, 2021, 05:49 PM

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One woman in Singapore has shared her encounter with a Maserati car driver on Facebook to share that not all luxury car owners are inconsiderate.

Stuck at the gantry

Sheena Ling was at Tampines Mall on Feb. 7 but had difficulties exiting the carpark.

She said that the gantry was unable to sense her car's approach and thus did not lift up.

Although she tried reversing and moving forward again, the gantry barrier still did not budge.

With the large weekend crowds visiting the mall before Chinese New Year, Ling "panicked" and feared that more and more vehicles would start to line up behind her road block.

This was when Ling observed the driver of the Maserati behind her exiting his car.

This was her hasty thought process:

"Me: :((((( sian.. what the heck.. why he open his door..

The Maserati Dude: Proceeds to exit his car and walk toward me.

Me: *heart sinks* sian. Is it I need to deal with some stupid confrontation. *continues to navigate car*"

Maserati driver gets off car to help

Surprisingly, the Maserati driver proceeded to subvert her expectations.

Ling had prepped herself for a nasty confrontation, but was met with kindness from the driver instead.

The driver had actually approached her to give some advice — he told her that she should angle her car closer towards the gantry.

He also added: "You can reverse, I help you watch your back."

Ling was understandably touched by his actions, saying that "he took the extra steps to get out of his car to help me leh".

She also reasoned that he hadn't simply stepped out of his car out of exasperation as she had only been stuck for less than a minute.

In her post, Ling encouraged everyone to "exercise patience and love", and "take care of each other" like the driver, whom she had dubbed "The Maserati Dude".

She also added some key learning points from this episode:

"PS: the angling advice works.

PPS: not all sports/expensive car drivers are shitheads. Angels can also drive atas cars."

You can read her full post here.

Top photo from Sheena Ling / FB