KFC S'pore starts exchange policy for customers unsatisfied with fried chicken from Feb. 24

'The fried chicken experts heard whispers from the crowd that their fried chicken hasn’t been that great lately,' the company said.

Mandy How | February 23, 2021, 01:50 PM

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KFC Singapore has heard your complaints of shrinking portions and dry meat.

Their response? A return policy for your fried chicken.

The campaign, titled "Colonel’s Guarantee", will run from Feb. 24, 2021.

It allows customers to request a one-for-one exchange if they are unsatisfied with their Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy Chicken — simply head over to the counter for a new serving.

For this campaign, KFC’s cooks have completed "intensive re-training" to fulfil the Colonel’s Guarantee that their fried chicken is "fresh, tender, juicy and good" at any and every outlet.

How to exchange

Here's how you can get your portion exchanged.


  • Bring the uneaten/ partially eaten chicken to the counter
  • Fill out a feedback form by scanning a QR Code


Basically the same thing, except you'll have to return to the store on the same day.

  • Exchange must be made in person at the same store of purchase, on the same day of purchase
  • Show your receipt and the uneaten/partially eaten chicken to KFC staff at the counter, and fill out a feedback form by scanning a QR Code
  • Show the completed feedback form to KFC staff to get your replacement chicken

Top image via @nottinommi/Instagram, the muk/Google Maps