'I'll always be rooting for you': Japanese lady finds notebook with encouraging messages by daughter who passed away

One of the messages to her mother was "hang in there".

Karen Lui | February 16, 2021, 07:19 PM

Tsubaki, a Japanese 14-year-old who was battling multiple cardiovascular issues recently passed away on Feb. 4, 2021. Her bereaved mother stumbled upon a notebook while she sorting through her daughter's belongings.

Aware of her prognosis, the thoughtful girl secretly left hand-written messages of encouragement in the notebook just for her mother to remember her by after her death.

Surprised but deeply moved

The bereaved mother shared the pictures of the messages on Twitter and Instagram on Feb. 7 and Feb. 8.

Translates to "Mama!!" Photo by @HarukazeMi on Twitter.

Translates to "I love you. I love you so much." Photo by @HarukazeMi on Twitter.

Translates to "I’ll always be rooting for you, as hard as I can. I’ll always be watching you." Photo by @HarukazeMi on Twitter.

Translates to "Whether I'm in heaven or hell. So..." Photo by @HarukazeMi on Twitter.

Translates to "Pick yourself up, and hang in there. Let’s play together again in the next world, OK?" Photo by @HarukazeMi on Twitter.

She added more pictures on Instagram showing the other pages of the notebook with a much longer entry.

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According to SoraNews24, some of the contents include:

"Mama, when you reading this, I think I’ll already be gone from this world, and you’ll be feeling sad."

"You spent so much money on me, and gave me so many things, so many memories, and so much love. You gave me life. You bought me pets…so many hamsters…Thank you. I had so much fun, and I didn’t want to die."

"Mama, if you had a magic card that could bring people back to life, but you had to give up your own, would you use it to bring me back? Please don’t. That wouldn’t make me happy. You are the person you are because of who I am, and I am the person I am because of who you are."

The playful girl chose to end the entry with two lists of her top 10 favourite food and animals.

Amongst her favourite food, "mom's risotto" is ranked second, just below rice.

Tsubaki's mother appeared to be unaware of the messages before her discovery of them after Tsubaki's passing as she mentioned in the tweet, "When did she write this? Did she just write this right now?"

In her Instagram post, she states, "That’s just how Tsubaki was, cheerful and playful.” and she wished she given her "more hugs", before ending with "Tsubaki, I miss you”.

In a separate tweet, Tsubaki's mother shared her concerns that the messages were probably only intended for her own private viewing and that Tsubaki may not wish for them to be publicised.

She apologised to Tsubaki, saying that she wanted to share her "kindness, grace, intelligence, and strength" with others so they "will feel something in their hearts too".

She also added how proud she was of her daughter.

Tsubaki's mother told SoraNews24 that Tsubaki used to ask why she had to be born with heart disease and she believed that sharing Tsubaki's story with others may bring about something good.

H/T: SoraNews24, top images by @HarukazeMi on Twitter.