Indonesian village turns blood-red after floods hit nearby batik factory


Julia Yeo | February 07, 2021, 11:23 PM

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A village in Indonesia was swamped with blood-red water after floods hit a local batik factory.

Blood-red water swamps village in Indonesia

Tweets of images and videos were shared by thousands of users on Twitter as the crimson-dyed water coursed its way throughout Jenggot in Central Java.

The water appears to have turned red after floods hit a batik factory in the area, causing rivers nearby to get dyed as well.

Colour will disappear after mixing with rain for a while, says local official

The village is located south of Pekalongan, a city in Indonesia known for manufacturing batik fabric.

A local disaster relief official named Dimas Arga Yudha toldĀ Reuters that the photos being circulated online were real.

The official added that the colour will disappear when it mixes with rain for a while.

It is not uncommon for rivers in Pekalongan to turn different colours, as bright green colours had covered another village around the area during a flood in January, reportedĀ Reuters.

Top image via Alex Journey/Twitter