Huge lamb shoulder & rice platter feeds up to 10 pax, sold at Middle Eastern restaurant in Tampines

Are you hungry enough to eat a whole lamb shoulder?

Karen Lui | February 27, 2021, 05:58 PM

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You may have chanced upon a video of delighted diners looking on as a huge serving of lamb shoulder and rice is unveiled at their table.

The massive portion is a feast for both the stomach and the eyes.

It is served at Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Tampines that specialises in Arabian Mandi, a traditional meal consisting of meat and rice.

Lamb shoulder platter

In the video, a server lifts a metallic lid to reveal a large lamb shoulder sitting on a bed of rice with three bowls of different condiments on the side.

The cut of meat is so generous that one end of the bone is sticking out beyond the circumference of the extra-large plate.

According to the restaurant's reply to a comment on the video, the platter costs S$150 and can feed eight to 10 people.

Or, as a cheeky caption on the restaurant's Instagram page suggests, you can (try to) have it for yourself.

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Diners who are keen to try this particular dish have to call the restaurant at 98580265 to place an order, at least two days in advance. 

Other menu items

If your group — or, your appetite — isn't large enough for the Lamb Shoulder Platter, the restaurant also offers other platters in more manageable sizes.

The Combo Mandi Chicken and Mutton Platter (Dulang)(S$50) appears to be a popular choice, and is recommended for four diners.

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Photo by Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice on Facebook.

They also serve Chicken Mandi (S$8.90) and Mutton Mandi (S$9.90) in individual portions.

The Shakshouka (S$6.90) — a dish involving poached eggs in tomato gravy — is good ol' Middle Eastern comfort food.

Photo by @abumubarakmandirice on Instagram

Those with a sweet tooth may wish to try the Cheese Kunafa (S$9.90), a dessert made with a thin, noodle-like pastry, layered with cheese and pistachios.

Photo by @abumubarakmandirice on Instagram

Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice @ Tampines

Address: 300 Tampines Ave 5, Income at Tampines Junction, #01-01A

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 8pm

Top images by Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice.