S'pore Foodpanda rider allegedly spills drinks, abandons order at staircase & departs without informing customer


Siti Hawa | February 09, 2021, 09:22 PM

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A Foodpanda customer, Karyn Tan, took to Facebook on Feb. 7 to share her experience after a Foodpanda rider left a trail of spilled drinks at her doorstep.

In her Facebook post, Tan said that she had ordered drinks which amounted to S$34.19.

However, she was greeted by a "horrendous mess" upon opening her door to collect her items.

According to Tan, the rider left a liquid trail outside her door, which continued along her corridor.

Photo via Karyn Tan on Facebook

Photo via Karyn Tan on Facebook

When she followed the trail, she found her half-empty drinks order at the staircase two flights of stairs down.

To make matters worse, the rider had allegedly left without apologising or informing her what had happened.

Contacted Foodpanda Help Center

Tan then contacted the Foodpanda Help Center to report the matter.

Photo via Karyn Tan on Facebook

Photo via Karyn Tan on Facebook

Foodpanda apologised and offered to redeliver her orders, and she accepted.

They promised to call Tan within 15 minutes to confirm the redelivery and have the drinks redelivered within 45 minutes.

While waiting, she cleaned her corridor and staircase. However, an hour passed and Tan did not receive a call from Foodpanda or received her (new) drinks order.


She contacted the Foodpanda Help Center again and this time, she opted for a refund.

Tan explained that she was not able to receive a full refund, as she had used a S$30 Foodpanda voucher she had purchased on Shopback.

Foodpanda finally offered Tan a S$30 code (with minimum spend of S$35) and a S$4 voucher.

In all, Tan claimed that she had waited a total of two hours for her drinks which never arrived, cleaned her corridor and apologised to her "angry neighbour" who had reprimanded her.

Despite this, Tan acknowledged in her post that not all Foodpanda riders offer "bad service".

However, following this incident, she revealed that she will be deleting the Foodpanda app from her phone and using Grabfood instead.


In response to Mothership's enquiry, a Foodpanda spokesperson said that they were "truly sorry for the unfortunate incident" and that they are investigating the incident.

Here is their full statement:

"We are truly sorry for the unfortunate incident that Ms Tan experienced. We are currently looking into the matter, and will take the relevant steps to ensure that riders adhere to protocols when delivering food. We will do our utmost to avoid a similar incident in future."

Foodpanda has updated their statement to add that the rider has since been suspended and issued a warning.

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Top photos via Karyn Tan on Facebook