Indonesian man mistakes tobacco for meat floss & adds it to rice

Please smell any food item before adding it to your dish

Karen Lui | February 01, 2021, 02:52 PM

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An Indonesian man had mistaken dried tobacco leaves for meat floss and only realised it after adding it to his rice.

On Jan. 18, an Indonesian meme account shared the following post on Facebook.

The caption translates to, "I thought it's abon but it's actually tobacco."

"Abon" refers to meat floss in Indonesia that comes in either chicken or beef and is commonly eaten as a topping or condiment on dishes such as rice and porridge.

One of the pictures attached shows the man face-planting on the table next to his plate of rice with the tobacco on top of his rice.

Photo by Tukang Sate Depan Komplek on Facebook.

Issues like why the man did not detect the smell of tobacco was raised among perplexed commenters.

Indonesian media reporting on the incident also brought up other instances netizens had made the same mistake.

The other picture shows a close-up of the tainted rice and a bag of the remaining tobacco leaves that the man had purchased.

Photo by Tukang Sate Depan Komplek on Facebook.

Netizens' reactions

The post has garnered over 1,200 reactions, 275 comments, and 5.5k shares to date.

Netizens found amusement in this incident, leaving comments such as:

"Tobacco floss"

"I thought the meat floss was ginger"

"Isn't it all the same?

"What's that? Corn hair?"

"Didn't you smell it first?"

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Top images by Tukang Sate Depan Komplek on Facebook.