S'pore woman finds dead lizard after opening a box of buns from BreadTalk


Lean Jinghui | February 05, 2021, 01:34 PM

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A woman in Singapore received a reptilian surprise when she opened her box of buns bought at BreadTalk.

Dead lizard

A dead lizard was allegedly found inside one of the buns, which came in a box of three.

The buns were bought from BreadTalk IHQ at Tai Seng.

Image via sgfollowsall Instagram

In the Instagram post, the woman explained that her mother and brother had eaten the first two buns in the box, which left her with the last one in the corner.

She had not noticed the lizard at first, as she was using her phone. She was not anticipating a gecko to be there.

The lizard was confirmed to be dead when her helper prodded it and it still did not move.

Image via sgfollowsall Instagram

Reached out for investigation

After her post, the woman said BreadTalk had contacted her.

She had "wanted to settle the matter quickly and get on with her day", but apparently only managed to get BreadTalk's customer service on the phone after 45-minutes of back and forth.

The call with HQ was "civil and apologetic", with BreadTalk saying that they would "check with pest control".

The woman was asked to take down her post from Instagram.

However, she did not do so as she did not see the need to, and "it was understood between us that the post will remain there".

Woman expresses disappointment

The woman wrote that the incident was very disappointing, as she felt that BreadTalk had only focused on "how the post is still up". 

Allegedly, BreadTalk had asked her three times to remove the post.

During the interactions, BreadTalk had also told her that CCTV footage did not show the lizard was in the box beforehand.

However, she and her mother were both sure the box had been sealed when bought.

The woman expressed frustration at how the incident was managed, explaining that it felt like BreadTalk was pushing the blame back on her.

She also noted that she had not been offered any compensation or solution for the incident.

Here's the full Instagram post.

BreadTalk responds

Speaking to Mothership, a BreadTalk spokesperson confirmed that they were informed of the matter at 10am on Feb. 3.

Investigations were immediately launched, and the customer was updated throughout the process.

The spokesperson added that BreadTalk had also reached out to the customer to express their concern, and appreciated her assistance and patience in the investigation.

It remained unclear however, how the lizard might have ended up in the box of buns.

"Based on information provided by the customer, the purchase was made the day before on 2 February and consumed by the customer the next day. Our footage from the CCTV of the outlet shows that the buns were packed at the counter upon order.

In addition, although we conduct regular pest control checks at all our outlets, we hired a third-party pest control company to inspect the outlet, and the report shows that there are no signs and markings of lizards."

The spokesperson said that they understood the customer was rightfully upset by the incident.

As of Feb. 5 however, the matter was amicably resolved with the customer. 

They also assured the public that food safety and hygiene remains BreadTalk's topmost priority.

"We value all feedback and will continue to seek ways to improve the customer experience."

Top image via sgfollowsall Instagram and BreadTalk Facebook