M'sian man finds over 50 dead roaches in car after an effective insecticide spray


Fasiha Nazren | February 11, 2021, 04:03 PM

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Having cockroaches in a car is a nightmare.

If you face a cockroach infestation problem in your car, here's a hack you may want to consider.

On Feb. 7, one Khushairi Borhanudin shared his experience to a Malaysian community Facebook page Tukang Apa Hari Ini.

According to Khushairi, his kids would often eat a lot of sweet things in his car, leaving crumbs and spillage on the car seats and floor.

This, of course, attracts pests like the dreaded cockroaches.

Killed 50 roaches

Here's how he got rid of the pesky pests:

  • He bought Fumakilla Vape One Push insecticide and sprayed it two to three times underneath the car seats.
  • He recommends doing this at night, before one goes to sleep and leave the car doors closed overnight.

Here are the dead cockroaches he managed to kill overnight.

Photo from Khushairi Borhanudin's Facebook page.

He said: "This is my hard work this morning. It's satisfying to pick them up one by one."

That's more than 50 cockroaches in one car, yikes.

Japanese insecticide

For those who are unfamiliar, Fumakilla is a Japanese insecticide brand.

The Fumakilla Vape One Push, which is actually marketed to kill mosquitoes, is said to only require just one push of the spray to kill mosquitoes through 12 hours.

While we're not sure if it's available in stores in Singapore, there are some Carousell listings for this particular spray.

Photo from Carousell.

You can read Khushairi's full post here.

Top image from Khushairi's Facebook page and Carousell.