S'porean male, 35, puts up 'violent struggle' upon arrest by CNB, about S$480,000 worth of drugs seized

More than 3kg of heroin and 3,000 Ecstasy tablets were seized.

Lean Jinghui | February 28, 2021, 02:32 PM

Three Singaporeans suspected to be drug offenders were arrested in a recent drug bust by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26, 2021.

The suspected offenders were aged 31 to 35, and comprised one male and two females.

The drugs seized were estimated to be worth close to S$480,000.

Violent struggle by Singaporean male

CNB officers moved to arrest the Singaporean male, 35, in the vicinity of Jalan Eunos in the afternoon of Feb. 25.

On arrest, the Singaporean male put up a violent struggle, and "necessary force" had to be used to subdue him, CNB said.

A search conducted on him found a total of about 328g of heroin, 122g of ‘Ice’, 6g of ketamine, 93 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, and 15 Erimin-5 tablets.

A bag of ‘Ice’ seized by CNB officers on Feb. 25. Image courtesy of CNB.

Cash amounting to S$18,900 was also recovered from the 35-year-old male.

Two Singaporean females arrested in hideout

Two Singaporean females, aged 31 and 35, were subsequently arrested when the Singaporean male was brought to his hideout in the same vicinity.

A search conducted on the residential unit recovered a total of about 2,233g of heroin, 1,013g of ‘Ice’, 445g of cannabis, more than 3,000 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, and cash amounting to S$28,979.

Two bags of heroin and a bundle of cannabis seized by CNB officers on Feb. 25. Image courtesy of CNB.

‘Ecstasy’ tablets seized by CNB officers on Feb. 25. Image courtesy of CNB.

Second hideout found

Follow-up investigations revealed that the man had another hideout in the vicinity of French Road.

In the early morning of Feb. 26, CNB officers escorted him to the said hideout and conducted a further search of the residential unit.

A total of about 475g of heroin, 375g of ‘Ice’, 548g of cannabis, 1g of ketamine, 585 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and capsules, and a bottle of methadone were seized.

Controlled drugs seized from a CNB operation on Feb. 25 and 26. Image courtesy of CNB.

A tally suggests more than 3kg of heroin, 1.5kg of ‘Ice’, 993g of cannabis, 7g of ketamine, more than 3,000 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets and capsules, 15 Erimin-5 tablets, a bottle of methadone, and cash amounting to S$47,879 was recovered from multiple locations.

The total amount of drugs seized is estimated to be enough for 1,445 heroin abusers, 860 ‘Ice’ abusers and 140 cannabis abusers for a week.

Investigations into the drug activities of all suspects are ongoing.

Top image courtesy of Central Narcotics Bureau