4 travellers in China ate 30kg of oranges in under 30 minutes to avoid excess baggage fee


Jason Fan | February 05, 2021, 01:21 PM

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Nobody likes paying extra baggage fees when flying, but four men in China took it to the next level when they ate 30kg of oranges in an attempt to avoid the 300 yuan (S$62) overweight baggage fee.

According to the Global Times, the four travellers were on a business trip to Kunming, when they bought a box of oranges weighing 30kg for 50 yuan (S$10.30).

When they were told that they would be charged shipping fees for the oranges, the men decided to eat the oranges on the spot, calling the fee "too expensive".

The group only took around 30 minutes to finish eating all the oranges.

Likely ate more than 160 oranges in total

For context, a large orange weighs around 184g, meaning the four men likely ate more than 160 oranges during the short period of time.

In case the magnitude of their feat is not yet apparent, that is about 40 oranges per person, right before their flight.

The men reportedly developed mouth ulcers after the incident, and said that they "never want to have any oranges again", according to the Global Times.

Probably until their next flight.

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Top image via Weibo