Limited edition Cherry Blossom Strawberry latte capsules available at S$8.90 per box in supermarkets

You can never have enough sakura in Spring.

Karen Lui | February 26, 2021, 12:20 PM

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It may be challenging to detect the arrival of Spring based on Singapore's heat all year round.

A clear indication of Spring is the onslaught of sakura-themed products and events.

On Feb. 24, Starbucks Singapore released its sakura collection.

If you wish to elevate your sakura game even further, you can try the limited edition Cherry Blossom Strawberry Latte.


The pastel pink box looks absolutely adorable, adorned with sakura and strawberry graphics.

The capsules themselves are also pink.

If that's not enough pink for you, the drink itself also has a pink tint.

Cherry Blossom Strawberry Latte

Part of the Starbucks at Home series, the Cherry Blossom Strawberry Latte is available in capsules compatible with any NESCAFE Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

Pictured here is the red Piccolo XS machine.

Pictured here is the Genio S machine.

The sakura and strawberry fragrance complements the espresso and milk in this beverage that you can make it yourself at home.

To make the drink, first slide the milk (white) capsule into the coffee machine, then repeat with the coffee (brown) capsule.

Available for purchase in supermarkets at S$8.90 a box.

Each box contains 6 capsules of Cherry Blossom Strawberry Latte Coffee, with 6 Strawberry and Cherry Blossom flavoured whole milk capsules, which constitutes to 6 cups.

All images by Nestlé Singapore.