SBS Transit bus 168 & SMRT bus 858 engage in mechanical foreplay along expressway

They were like rubbing up against each other.

Belmont Lay | February 14, 2021, 06:54 PM

As people crave for the human touch and connection on Feb. 14, buses in Singapore were also seen getting in on some of the action along the Seletar Expressway on Feb. 13, in what can be described as a near-hit case as a result of metal almost grinding metal.

Footage retrieved from a dashboard camera showed two buses travelling at cruising speed along the SLE at very close proximity to each other before 9pm on Saturday night, the eve of Valentine's Day.

Neither wanted to give way

It was almost a case of chicken as the single-deck SMRT bus service 858 was ahead on the right, while the double-decker SBS Transit bus 168, on the left and slightly behind, wanted to remain on the left-most lane.

Both buses can be seen from the footage merging into one lane, but both drivers did not appear to want to give way or provide sufficient space for the other to filter in comfortably.

The double-decker bus could be seen applying its brakes but it did not travel sufficiently slower than the other bus.

Passengers in the double-decker bus did not appear to have been aware about the close shave.

Bus service 858 subsequently filtered to the next lane to the right.

There is no indication that both buses collided or touched, as the footage did not have any sound.