Australia woman without mask smashes bus & berates driver who didn't let her board

Mask-wearing is mandatory for commuters using public transport in the Greater Sydney area.

Andrew Koay | February 16, 2021, 09:23 PM

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In Sydney, Australia, commuters using public transport are to wear face masks.

However, one woman seems not to like such pandemic-induced restrictions.

In a video posted to TikTok, a woman can be seen mounting a vicious attack on a Sydney bus driver.

Thankfully for the driver, her assault doesn't make it pass a plastic screen wrapped around the driver's area.

Politely asked to wear a mask

The commuter aboard the bus who filmed the incident told 7News that the argument began when the driver politely asked the woman to wear a mask or get off the bus.

Yet, she allegedly did not heed the driver's instructions, boarded the bus, and refused to get off.

When the bus driver decided to call the police, the woman screamed curse words and countered that she would report the driver to the police instead, reported 7News.

Smashing the bus while screaming "why"

The video — which at the time of writing had been viewed 2.9 million times — shows the woman taking out her phone before telling the bus driver, "I'll take a photo of you".

Gif of the woman attacking the bus driver

She can be heard informing the bus driver that he had caused her to miss an appointment in a tone that became more aggressive.

At this point, she began bashing the plastic screen with her hand while screaming "why" repeatedly.

The driver then tells her to get off the bus, which she does while continuing her tirade.

"Have a nice day," said the bus driver before the video ends.

According to 7News, the incident was being investigated by authorities.

"Transport for NSW expects all customers travelling on our services to respect frontline workers who have continued to do an incredible job maintaining full service levels across public transport throughout the pandemic," said a spokesperson for the State's public transport.

Those who violate the mask-wearing requirements onboard Sydney public transport are liable to fines.

Top image from @user918492928822's TikTok account

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