'Attack on Titan' titans apparently censored with drawn-on pants in M'sian comic magazine

Titans, but with pants.

Guan Zhen Tan | February 04, 2021, 05:17 PM

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A tweet pointing out the strange censorship of the Attack on Titan manga in Malaysia has gone viral.

Twitter user WallyyTheGreat posted an image of the manga, where the titans -- the colossal humanoid creatures -- who were supposed to be stark naked, were instead depicted to be "wearing" trunks.

Here it is:

The tweet has gone viral, with more then 29,000 "likes" and 10,000 retweets.

The same style of censorship seems to have been applied to several panels of the manga where the titans appear as well, according to replies to WallyyTheGreat's tweet and several posts on Reddit.

Screenshot via r/titanfolk on Reddit

Male-appearing titans are depicted with "shorts" covering their crotch, while female-appearing titans are depicted to have their chest and crotch area covered.

May have appeared in a local comic magazine

Apparently, the censored titans were not depicted in the original manga or other versions available for retail sale in Malaysia.

A few social media users had pointed out that the source of the respectfully-dressed titans was supposedly Kreko, a Malaysian comic magazine that was discontinued in November 2019.

Image via AM CollectionZ- Majalah, Komik & Buku

Much like Shounen Jump or Co-Co, the magazine contained different series of manga, which had been translated into the Malay language.

Twitter user hrthlhkm said that the chapter depicted in the viral tweet was published in Japan in 2018, so Kreko might have been able to translate (and censor) the chapter for publishing before they ended their run.

According to SAYS, the user had procured his copy of the comic via Shopee.

In Malaysia, according to the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF), nudity and sex are not allowed to be shown in under any circumstances, unless approved by the Film Censorship Board.

This would mean that the censorship was done in compliance with local laws, perhaps.


Top image via Reddit and WallyyTheGreat's Twitter account.

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