Pokémon-themed 7-Eleven in Taiwan has Nintendo Switch booth, arcade games & more


Guan Zhen Tan | Syahindah Ishak | February 01, 2021, 05:04 PM

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A Pokémon-themed 7-Eleven store has recently opened in Taiwan.

The store is located in the Banqiao district in New Taipei City, near the Fuzhong metro station.

In addition to the usual items that a 7-Eeleven store sells, there are extra goodies that every Pokémon fan can enjoy.

Customers who visit the store will be greeted by Gigantamax versions of Pikachu, Charizard, and Lapras on the entrance pillars.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

Designed to look like actual Pokémon gym

The interior of the store is designed to look like an actual Pokémon gym, where customers can play the Pokémon trading card game.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

The chairs feature different varieties of Poké Balls too, including the normal Poké Ball, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball and the Master Ball.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

The walls in the store display 808 Pokémon characters, every generation included.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

Customers can find the "strongest" Pokémon, Eternatus, featured on the ceiling as well.

There are also arcade machines and a Switch booth for customers to play Pokémon games.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

You can even buy Nintendo Switch consoles and the Pokémon games as well. 

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

And of course, there are various Pokémon merchandise found in the store, including stuffed toys, bags, and stationeries.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

Image from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.

Not the first time

This isn't the first time a 7-Eleven store in Taiwan went viral for its unique theme.

Previously, another store in Taipei opened with a Snoopy theme.

It sold Snoopy merchandise and displayed characters of the comic all around the store.


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Top images from 7-Eleven Taiwan/FB.