Otter dad sleeping soundly on its back is a rainy weather mood


Zhangxin Zheng | January 09, 2021, 12:06 PM

A photo of an otter dad has perfectly summarised how some tired souls are feeling after getting through the first week of 2021.

Here's the otter dad from the Zouk family looking as though it has passed out:

The recent rainy weather is indeed just right for a sweet nap.

"I cannot. I need a nap right now." Photo by Ottercity.

This is apparently its signature sleeping position, as one otter lover pointed out in the comment section.

The photo shared on Ottercity Facebook page has amused many, even drawing wild speculations on what could have possibly made this otter dad so tired.

Only the otter dad knows.

New pups in Zouk family

Parenting is definitely an uphill task for the Zouk parents who recently welcomed their third litter of pups in late-2020.

A larger family proves to be particularly tough for this nomadic family, which has made unexpected appearances in urban areas such as Little India and Newton previously.

Not having a "home base" brings many uncertainties to the family. Consequentially, they lost four pups from the second litter last year.

Zouk otter dad and mum now have seven more pups from the third litter to keep an eye on as the family navigates their way around central Singapore.

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Top photo via Ottercity/Facebook