Chinese singers Zhang Bichen & Hua Chenyu admit to having a daughter together


Zhangxin Zheng | January 22, 2021, 08:21 PM

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Chinese singer Zhang Bichen has revealed on her Weibo that she has a daughter — and that the child's father is singer-songwriter Hua Chenyu.

Zhang and Hua are both popular Mandopop singers who gained prominence after participating in Chinese music variety shows.

Gave birth without Hua's knowledge

Zhang said in a lengthy post that she made the decision to give birth to the child without Hua's knowledge back in 2018.

She was at a loss of how to break the news to Hua back then, and decided to leave him instead.

For a long period of time, Zhang revealed, she deliberately ignored Hua's calls and messages, and the two eventually drifted apart.

Zhang said that she knew what she had done was "foolish", but the singer was too frightened and confused by the situation.

After her daughter was born, she realised her decision was "irrational", and that she had deprived Hua of his rights as a father.

Raising the daughter together

Upon the realisation, Zheng told Hua the truth and allowed him to meet their child.

She described the first meeting to be one filled with joy and warmth. Hua had also told her that he wished he was around during her pregnancy, Zhang said.

They then proceeded to register the child at a birth registry together. The post, however, did not mention if the duo was married.

The couple's priority is to ensure that the child grows up in a warm and loving family.

Zhang then apologised to her fans for hiding the matter, and explained that she did so in order to protect the child.

Hua also posted on his Weibo on the same day, acknowledging that he has a child with Zhang.

He said that the child is a special gift that came sudden but is a joy to him.

He added that much like her parents, the child enjoys music.

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