Marina Bay Sands could be World Economic Forum venue: Reuters

One-stop for people to eat, rest and interact.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 15, 2021, 03:59 PM

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will be held in Singapore this year, instead of its usual spot at Davos.

WEF could be at Marina Bays Sands

According to Reuters, two unnamed sources said that organisers are considering Marina Bay Sands (MBS) as a potential venue where attendees can eat, rest and interact without moving out of the area.

The sources also revealed that WEF plans to attract as many as 1,800 attendees if conditions permit.

According to WEF, the Special Annual Meeting 2021 in Singapore will be the first "global leadership event to address worldwide recovery from the pandemic".

Singapore has been chosen to host this meeting because the country has been "successful" in managing the pandemic.

Negotiations are still ongoing.

Another possible venue could be the new business travellers' facility [email protected], located just a stone's throw away from the airport.

WEF to happen on end-May

WEF has now been postponed to May 25 to 28.

The annual meeting, previously announced to be held on May 13 to 16, had a change in dates without reasons announced.

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Alvin Tan said in Parliament on Jan. 5 that the ministry is looking into specific public health requirements and contingency plans.

Measures will be implemented to reduce the risk of seeding local transmissions.

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Top photo via World Economic Forum