'Uncle Roger' breaks silence on backlash after controversy, currently back in M'sia

Netizens accused the YouTuber of liking RMB more than MSG.

Sumita Thiagarajan | January 17, 2021, 11:50 PM

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A character who is known for criticising food videos has recently faced online criticism himself.

'Uncle Roger', who is known as Nigel Ng, became a viral sensation after he reviewed a fried rice recipe while pretending to speak and behave like an Asian "uncle".

However, earlier this week, the comedian and Youtube star apologised to his audience on Weibo with the removal of his video of him and Youtuber Mike Chen.

Chen has previously criticised the Chinese government, speaking out against issues such as the mistreatment of the Uyghur minorities and tough crackdown on pro-democracy activists.

'Uncle Roger' breaks the silence on backlash

Since the deletion of the video with Chen, the YouTube star was quiet, but he finally broke the silence on Saturday (Jan. 16) in a YouTube video titled "Uncle Roger ANIME? (Reddit Review)".

Ng said that he just wanted to make funny videos, and "don't want to be involved in anything else - no politics, no drama".

He said that he "loved making people laugh", "no matter where they come from, and respecting everybody's culture".

The YouTube star also highlighted in his video that he makes zero dollars from Chinese social media.

Ng said it really broke his heart when netizens accused him of liking "RMB (Chinese currency) more than MSG".

He also expressed that the past few days were stressful for him, but said that he would continue making videos for his audience.

He then thanked his audience for their support.

Back in M'sia

In his video on Jan. 16, the YouTube star mentioned that he was in quarantine back in "his home country Malaysia".

On Sunday (Jan. 17), Ng posted Instagram stories of him being out of quarantine and reuniting with his sister:

Photo via mrnigelng/Instagram

Photo via mrnigelng/Instagram

Backlash on Twitter

After deleting his collab video with Chen, Ng drew flak on Twitter for valuing money over morals by appearing to pander to the Chinese government.

Here's some tweets featuring users who have asked for people to 'cancel' or unfollow 'Uncle Roger':

Some have even used the hashtag #UnsubscribeUncleRoger on Twitter to express their discontent with the content creator.

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Top image via mrnigelng YouTube & Instagram

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