Chinese auspicious saying decoration in S'pore Chinatown contains obvious typo

It was up for a few days.

Lean Jinghui | January 26, 2021, 05:56 PM

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Chinatown's Chinese New Year decorations have captured public interest again. And again.

This time, according to 8world, the issue is regarding a typo for a common Chinese New Year greeting, "心想事成", which roughly translates to "May all your wishes come true".

A mis-stroke

A character stroke for the last word of the greeting -- "成" -- was placed on the wrong side of the Chinese character.

The "点" ('dot') was placed on the left side of the character, instead of on the right. 

In an interview with 8world, an eagle-eyed member of the public, Lee, explained that he had noticed the miswritten character as it was being taken down by construction workers on Jan. 25.

Image via Lee via 8worldnews

The misspelt character had apparently been up since Jan. 23, according to media coverage of the weekend's CNY light-up.

Image via Oriental Daily

It seems the typo has since been corrected, based on the latest Instagram posts of Chinatown's streets.

Decorations under the spotlight

Chinatown's ox-related decorations came under the spotlight earlier this month too.

The animal farm-esque herd of ox statues made for a fun sight.

Also attracting public attention are the otter-turned-ox mascot at Chinatown Point, which was mistaken for recycled Year of the Rat decorations.

Top image via Oriental Daily & 8worldnews