Trump has reportedly discussed starting new political party

He plans to call it the 'Patriot Party'.

Lean Jinghui | January 21, 2021, 11:27 AM

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It seems Trump might not be retiring from politics just yet.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Trump has plans to start a new political party, even after leaving office.

Reasons cited include efforts to continue exerting influence on the White House, and his recent falling out with prominent Republicans like Mitch McConnell, following the Capitol riots.

"Patriot Party"

According to WSJ, Trump has discussed the matter with several aides and others close to him, and would want to call the new party the “Patriot Party.” 

CNBC-TV18 reported that it is not yet clear if Trump will end up following through with these plans, though he definitely has the numbers (of supporters) and resources to do it.

One thing to note is that like in many political systems around the world, it will be hard for Trump to introduce a new party as a key power in upcoming elections.

In US politics, third parties have usually failed to gain enough support in national elections.

Efforts to start a new party would likely face intense opposition from Republicans, which the WSJ says would "chafe at the thought of Mr. Trump peeling off support from GOP candidates".

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