Teo Heng KTV: Exiting industry is temporary & negotiation with landlords is ongoing

Hope to strike the best outcome with landlords.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 21, 2021, 08:47 PM

Covid-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon.

The recent spike in community cases has set the local entertainment industry back once again as reopening pilot programmes have come to a halt.

Local favourite family-friendly karaoke chain, Teo Heng KTV, is among the affected operators.

Will be back when they can

While the founders of Teo Heng KTV previously told CNA Insider and Mothership that they are "closing for good", the chain’s director Jean Teo highlighted on Jan. 21 evening that exiting from the industry is a "temporary move".

Teo assured long-time supporters that "it's a matter of time" that they will make a comeback.

In the meanwhile, they will try to minimise their losses to last through this period.

Ongoing negotiations

Teo updated Mothership via a call on Jan. 21 evening that they are trying to hold on to two outlets located at Ci Yuan Community Club and Tampines West Community Club respectively.

As these two outlets are located at CCs, their rents are more manageable and hope the People’s Association will give their support.

The Ci Yuan outlet was already prepared for the reopening pilot programme where the rooms were supposedly converted to places to work, study or gather.

For other outlets, they will be negotiating with the landlords.

Teo recalled that she was overwhelmed by the announcement that the reopening pilot programme had to be deferred.

Now feeling more collected, she hopes to seek for the best options available for both Teo Heng KTV and landlords, Teo told Mothership.

As the pandemic is not something that will be resolved easily, Teo recognised that it will be "unfair" for landlords to "wait endlessly" during this uncertain period.

With the help from the authorities, discussions with the landlords will be carried out in a realignment framework to find a resolution to the outstanding rents.

Top photo via CNA Insider video screengrab and Teo Heng website