Telok Blangah residents build mini 'condo' for 2 community cats out of recycled items

Some shelter from the cold winds lately.

Ashley Tan | January 20, 2021, 02:10 PM

Many animals in Singapore had to fend for themselves during the recent cold snap.

That however, has led to certain heartwarming moments where Singaporeans took it upon themselves to provide the wild animals with some shelter.

Condo upgrade

One Telok Blangah resident, Yvonne Lim, posted to Facebook several photos of a "condominium" she had constructed for the community cats in the neighbourhood.

The condo was an upgrade from the previous one, which was slightly shabbier.

The previous sleeping structure had a cardboard roof adorned with the names of the cats, Ginger and Snowball.

Photo from Yvonne Lim

Here is the new condo, after having gone through some upgrading courtesy of Lim and her family.

Lim, who is a pet groomer, told Mothership that the styrofoam boxes were first scavenged from flower shops that had discarded them.

The boxes were then spruced up with white wallpaper to give it a more homely feel.

Photo from Yvonne Lim

Other materials used such as the grass carpeting and wood stand were picked up from the recycling area as well.

Photo from Yvonne Lim

Kitties in the condo

Here are the two community cats enjoying their condo.

Photo from Yvonne Lim

Photo from Yvonne Lim

Lim also laid pillows and bedsheets inside the boxes to make the environment warmer for the cats.

Photo from Yvonne Lim

Lim noted that the condo was placed at a corner of the void deck, where it does not block human traffic.

Aside from helping to upgrade the condo, Lim added that she helps to refill the cats' kibble and water twice a day, and to clean up the area if it is messy.

However, Lim also thanked the resident cat feeders in the area, as well as the estate cleaners who have a "compassionate heart".

"All the homeless cats ask for are just belly rubs. They are not demanding anything else, they just crave for love from human," Lim said.

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Top photo from Yvonne Lim