Taipei Metro slams Japanese adult video platform for clips with strikingly similar settings

The metro has called for the public to not be misled by the platform.

Matthias Ang | January 27, 2021, 06:20 PM

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Taiwan's Taipei Metro has slammed a Japanese adult video platform for releasing a series of explicit clips filmed on a set strongly resembling the city's MRT system, Taiwanese media reported.

Platform wanted to recreate feel of actual train

The platform, called SWAG, said it had worked on recreating the set's details to be as realistic as possible, as part of an attempt to reach out to a Mandarin-speaking audience, Apple Daily further reported.

This included replicating the colour scheme, interior structure, and seats, among other details, to match the actual MRT carriage.

The similarity was striking enough that some Taiwanese netizens reportedly believed that the movies had been shot in the actual carriages of the MRT during hours without passengers.

Taipei Metro calls on public not to be misled

As such, Taipei Metro has since condemned SWAG for the adult content as an attempt to attract more members to its platform, and clarified that shooting had not taken place at the subway, SETN highlighted.

It also called on the public not to be misled by the films and emphasised that for many years, it has promoted the prevention of sexual harassment aboard the MRT, and has taken plenty of measures to protect the safety of women and children.

Metro cannot press charges against SWAG

Taiwan's Central News Agency reported that the metro cannot press charges however, as the logo does not appear to have been used in the films, according to Ye Chin-chou, the head of the Criminal Investigation Team of Taipei City Police Department's Rapid Transit Division.

In addition, the videos were not filmed in a public place in Taipei, which means that the platform cannot be penalised.

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Top image collage left photo via SWAG Facebook, right photo via 台北捷運 Facebook