Super Nintendo World in Japan reveals Super Mario-themed restaurants & food

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Fasiha Nazren | January 07, 2021, 10:06 AM

Super Nintendo World is slated to open soon, in Spring 2021.

The Super Mario-based theme park will be located in Universal Studios Japan.

Now that it's inching closer towards the opening day, Super Nintendo World has given us a sneak peek of the food available at the theme park.

Kinopio's Cafe

The cafe is modelled after Toad House, which are mushroom-shaped buildings often seen in the Super Mario franchise.

Here's what you can find on the menu:

Mario's Bacon Cheeseburger

Photo from Super Nintendo World.

The burger comes with a slice of bacon, pecorino cheese, mushrooms, lettuce and a beef patty sandwiched between a mushroom-looking bun.

It is put together with Mario's hat-shaped pick that guests can take home.

Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Photo from Super Nintendo World.

This dish consists of a bowl of tomato sauce filled with bacon and mushrooms.

It is covered with a crispy layer pizza crust that's supposed to look like a mushroom.

Piranha Plant Caprese

Photo from Super Nintendo World.

This caprese salad is shaped like the game's Piranha Plant.

The salad includes tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.

? Block Tiramisu

Photo from Super Nintendo World.

The tiramisu is shaped after the "Question ? Block" and is topped with a mushroom-patterned chocolate.

According to Super Nintendo World, you can find a cute item inside this dessert.

Yoshi's Snack Island

Yoshi's Snack Island is where you can find on-the-go snacks.

Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese

Photo from Super Nintendo World.

This shell-shaped calzone is filled with a savoury and unusual concoction of yakisoba and cheese.

Yoshi's Lassi

Photo from Super Nintendo World.

Visitors can quench their thirst with Yoshi's lassi.

The yogurt lassi comes in two flavors: Cantaloupe and mango.

Mario Cafe & Store

While the menu for this isn't available yet, the Mario Cafe & Store is located at Hollywood Boulevard.

According to Super Nintendo World, there is a huge lineup of food and merchandise featuring the Super Mario colours and designs.

You can find out more about the Super Nintendo World here.

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Top image from Super Nintendo World.