ST forum letter writer: Wearing cheongsam can help women keep stomach flat


Joshua Lee | January 13, 2021, 05:15 PM

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, signalling the time for many women to dig out their cheongsams for the once-a-year CNY fashion parade family visits.

Inevitably, many will find that they can no longer fit into the form-fitting attire.

The cheongsam is acknowledged as a very punishing dress that emphasises every curve, and conversely, every flaw.

So one Straits Times forum letter writer recently asked -- in 2021 -- if wearing the cheongsam might motivate women to keep their figures lean.

The writer claimed to have fallen in love with the cheongsam after watching Hong Kong film "In The Mood For Love", which featured Hong Kong star Maggie Cheung in various flattering cheongsams.

Over the years, the writer claimed she tried to maintain her weight through healthy eating and regular exercise as a result.

Maintaining one's figure is the first step to fitting into a cheongsam over time, which the writer implied, requires discipline.

"I wonder if having more women wear the cheongsam regularly might help them to curb any weight gain," said the writer, who added that having a flat stomach is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also beneficial health-wise.

One can avoid obesity and related health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and certain cancers, and improve one's posture, she wrote.

Should women aspire to wear cheongsams as motivation to keep lean?

Or should clothes be made to fit people?

Here's another question to ponder in the mean time:

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