Man in Punggol fails to get cab for wife in labour, GrabFood drivers give them free ride to KKH

They assured the couple that it was no trouble at all.

Tanya Ong | January 14, 2021, 10:41 AM

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A man was left frantically trying to look for transport options on Jan. 13 when his wife's water bag burst.

Futile search for transport

In a Facebook post, he detailed how he was searching for a private hire car at around 9:15am, while his wife was left standing at the lobby of their residence enduring the pain from contractions.

His search, unfortunately, proved to be futile as there were none available near their place at Sumang Walk, Punggol.

Thankfully for them, however, two "kind souls" had been observing them, and subsequently offered to give them a ride to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH).

Thinking that the Good Samaritans were on their way to work, the man and his wife were reluctant to accept their help for fear of troubling them.

But after they were assured that "it's no trouble at all", they accepted the offer.

In the Facebook post, the man tagged two persons, known only as Jamal and Fadilah, to convey his gratitude.

Photo via Park Byung Soo/FB.

"We greatly appreciate it," he wrote.

The full Facebook post here.

Couple was not in a rush to go to work

Speaking to Mothership, Jamal said that he was loading belongings into their car when his wife noticed the couple looking for a private hire vehicle or taxi.

His wife observed that the pregnant woman looked to be in pain, and surmised that she was having contractions.

Jamal said he felt "pity" for them as they were unable to get a taxi during that time.

He said that both of them had intended to start work, but after seeing the couple, they decided to switch their app off to offer help.

"We are not in a rush to [go to work] because we work as GrabFood rider[s]," he said, and clarified that both of them have flexible schedules.

Both couples also exchanged contact details and agreed to keep in touch.

"We are planning to meet them once everything [is] settled (at the hospital)," Jamal said, adding that they might even drop by their home to visit them.

Top photo via Facebook post, Wikimedia Commons

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