Workers' Party continues to be 'trusted alternative' for S'poreans in 2021: Pritam Singh

Singh listed three things WP pledged to do for Singaporeans in 2021.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 01, 2021, 12:55 PM

Leader of Opposition, Pritam Singh, wrote a New Year's Day message for Singaporeans.

Workers' Party to continue to serve Singaporeans as a "trusted alternative"

In his New Year's Day message, the secretary-general of Workers' Party (WP) also assured that the party will continue to support Singaporeans in need and be a trusted alternative voice in Parliament.

He highlighted three ways WP will continue to serve Singaporeans in the coming year.

This includes championing robust policy alternatives that represent the needs of Singaporeans and continue to build a moderate and fair Party that seeks to provide a trusted alternative to voters, and act as a balancing force to our political system.

    In 2020, WP's Members of Parliament have spoken up on a variety of issues, such as the minimum wage, widening access to justice, and optimising Singapore's reserves to nurture the Singaporean workforce.

    Singh thanked Singaporeans for their support towards WP during the general election as well.

    "We also appreciate the support shown to the Workers’ Party this GE2020, and alongside it, the weight of responsibility and hard work needed to earn your trust as we strive towards balanced and plural politics for Singapore."

    Support Singaporeans on the ground

    While Covid-19 vaccines are an "encouraging development" to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Singapore has to remain a "responsible contributor" to the global order so as to benefit from it, Singh said.

    The recovery from the impacts of Covid-19 will not be easy in 2021 as people's livelihood and well-being were affected.

    He said:

    "2021 will not be a bed of roses. Several economic sectors have not recovered. Singaporeans have suffered job losses and pay cuts. Many have felt the void of social support and cherished connections due to restrictions on gatherings."

    Therefore, WP will focus on supporting Singaporeans on the ground with appeals, advice, and aid, to the fullest extent possible in 2021 as well, he added.

    At the end of his message, Singh wished Singaporeans a year filled with success, good health and peace.

    You can view his message in full here:

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