S'pore prison inmate, 36, gets mostly As for O-level after a life of gangs & drugs

Something that is 'long overdue', he said.

Tanya Ong | January 13, 2021, 04:58 PM

Ahmad (not his real name), a 36-year-old prison inmate, is one of the top performers in Prison School after scoring all As and a B for his GSCE O-level result.

Captains of Lives/FB

A Facebook post by Captions of Lives shared his story about how he wanted his time behind bars to be spent meaningfully by resuming his education.

Expelled from school previously, Ahmad's teenage years were riddled with drugs and gang activity.

Having completed five years of his 13-year sentence, Ahmad has finally received his results after sitting for O-level exams.

Ahmad, who "never thought (he) would be able to hold an O-level certificate" said that this is "long overdue".

Captains of Lives/FB

The Facebook post revealed how Ahmad's English teacher, known as Mr Lim, was not surprised to hear about his results at all.

In fact, he was expecting it as Ahmad was a hard worker who was "consistent in his performance throughout last year".

The post also shared Ahmad's daily routine in preparing for the exams, which included gathering other inmate students and engaging in group studies.

In addition, he would also stay away from small talk" and what he felt were "meaningless engagements".

Captains of Lives/FB

His primary source of motivation? Apart from the Chief Warden in prison who was a source of encouragement, Ahmad also has a son, 8, and a step-daughter, 13, who motivated him to study as he wanted to make them proud.

The O-level exams is just the beginning for Ahmad, who has dreams of becoming a Software Engineer.

Eventually, he hopes to take the GCE A-Level examination.

You can see the full post here:

Top photo via Captains of Lives/FB.