Plenty of potholes appear on S'pore roads during 2 weeks of heavy rain

One of the potholes can fit an umbrella.

Belmont Lay | January 14, 2021, 12:01 PM

Potholes of varying shapes and sizes have opened up on roads minor and major all over Singapore.

The appearance of the potholes occurred during the past two weeks of heavy rain.

Frequent road users would have noticed them opening up during the recent wet season.

Potholes can be huge

Photos of the potholes were compiled and put up on Facebook on Jan. 13, 2020, calling attention to the problem.

Some of the potholes have since been patched up by the authorities.

The largest pothole shown in the series of photos could fit a full length umbrella easily.

Potholes a hazard

Potholes are more of a road hazard to motorcyclists, who have to dodge the crevices that opened up on the asphalt surfaces or risk losing control and stability if they ride over them.

Tyres may deflate and rims can to be dented if they go over potholes at high speeds.

Spotting a pothole

Potholes can be difficult to spot during rainy days as they are waterlogged and submerged, giving the appearance that the holes are solid road.

According to previously, potholes often occur during rainy seasons.

What causes potholes in warm climates?

Prolonged rain and flooding can cause water to penetrate the asphalt.

The soil below is then compromised and soil movement occurs.

Unstable soil can result in cracks and potholes on the asphalt top layer, which can crater.

Heavy vehicles can also cause cracks on the roads due to overloading.

LTA can fix potholes in 24 hours

Motorists can also help by alerting the Land Transport Authority at 1800-225-5582 if they spot potholes.

LTA said it aims to fix potholes within 24 hours.

Here are other photos of potholes that appeared since 2021 started:

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