Groomer behind shaved Pomeranian dog speaks out, with details on how owners allegedly reacted

The groomer, Ong, has broke her silence.

Guan Zhen Tan | January 13, 2021, 10:02 AM

The Precious Pets, a dog grooming company, recently refuted dog owner Henny You's version of events surrounding the allegedly uninstructed shaving of their pet Pomeranian dog Dede on Jan. 10.

You has since replied to most of these claims in a comment on their post, saying that "the pictures of our dog and the result of the grooming speak a thousand words".

Groomer's account reveals new info

The groomer, Joycelin Ong has since identified herself and came out with her account of her story on Jan. 11.

Ong's Facebook post detailed her version of what happened during the grooming session.

A number of claims in her post corroborate with The Precious Pets' statement, but there were additional claims not previously shared by the grooming company.

These chiefly included the following points:

  • Dede's behaviour: Ong claimed that Dede was "fidgety and did not stay still" throughout the process, and after she put Dede down on the floor, Ong claimed the dog "jumped around happily".
  • You's husband clarifying the use of the personal shaver, and the length of the shave: Ong claimed that You's husband had checked with You to allow Ong to switch to her own shaver, and Ong claimed he allowed her to do so. Ong also said that You's husband asked if "botak still got fur hor?", after which Ong claimed to have told him that there was still 2mm of fur left on the dog.
  • More details on how You's husband's reacted: Ong claimed that You cried after she saw Dede, saying Dede's fur "had never been cut so short" and that it "would never grow out again". You would then leave the room to ask her husband go see Dede. Ong claimed she heard a loud noise akin to an object being thrown on the floor."I was scared and feared for my safety but continued to quietly finish up my work", Ong said.Ong claimed You said her husband was "so angry that he did not want to look at the dog anymore"After asking her how much she should be paid, You's husband allegedly told Ong the following, "S$100? You ownself think I should pay you S$100 or not. You think then let me know."After which, Ong alleged that he stomped to the toilet and slammed the door. He would then leave the bedroom, and allegedly slammed the bedroom door shut.

Ong's post matches grooming company's statement

Much of Ong's statement corroborated The Precious Pets put out in their media statement.

This included the following claims:

  • What was claimed to be said before Dede was groomed: You's husband supposedly replied "not so short" when Ong asked how short Dede's fur was to be trimmed, and whether to a "botak" (or bald) length. Ong claimed to have sought multiple confirmations from You's husband about shaving Dede, and highlighting the length of their personal shaver's blade.
  • The allegedly permitted switch from Dede's personal shaver to Ong's own shaver: Ong asked that she was allowed to switch to use her own shaver because the couple's personal shaver for Dede was weak. When Ong used her own shaver, she set it to match the settings of their personal shaver.
  • What Ong claimed to be You's additional instructions, and comments about her husband: Ong said that she was instructed to further trim Dede's fur by You. Ong claimed You had told her it was a case of miscommunication, and purportedly asked Ong to not listen to her husband as he "don't know anything".
  • No payment made to Ong, You's husband wanted to speak to the owner: Ong had not received payment from You's husband, who requested to speak to the owner of The Precious Pets.

Ong had chosen to speak out

While The Precious Pets' statement had initially identified Ong as Z, Ong decided to speak out as she wanted to "take this chance to clarify about the series of events that have happened."

She added that while she "felt unsafe" during the grooming session, she continued to stay was because she wanted "to remain as professional as [she] could" and "complete the grooming based on their instructions".

"I would also like to emphasize that there is no logical reason I would sabotage my own career which I love by shaving down a client’s dog without instructions to do so", Ong said.

When Mothership reached out to You about Ong's post, she declined to further comment publicly about the matter.

Ong's full Facebook post can be seen here.

Top image via Bossa Nova Queen's post and Joycelin Ong's post