S'pore dog owner requested 'Shiba Inu' cut for pomeranian but groomer allegedly shaves off its coat

The grooming company is now refuting the owner's claims.

Guan Zhen Tan | January 10, 2021, 03:21 PM

Dog owner Henny You recently engaged the services of The Precious Pets' on Jan. 9, to groom her pet Pomeranian dog Dede at home.

Coat all shaved off

The groomer, whose surname is Ong, came down to You's house at 10am.

Being their first time engaging the services of Ong and the mobile grooming company, You showed Ong photos of what her dog looks like after its usual grooming sessions with its previous groomer.

You wrote that she even told Ong that her the previous groomer only used scissors -- no shavers -- to trim Dede's fur.

She had also requested for Dede's fur to be groomed like a mini Shiba Inu, and left her dog with Ong in the room.

However, when she went back in a while later to check on Dede, she was in for a shock:

"To our horror, the groomer shaved all the fur, all gone outer and inner coat all gone. ALL GONE!"

This is what Dede looked like before grooming:

Photo via Bossa Nova Queen's Facebook post

Photo via Bossa Nova Queen's Facebook post

And this is what Dede looked like after the grooming session:

Photo via Bossa Nova Queen's Facebook post

Photo via Bossa Nova Queen's Facebook post

Photo via Bossa Nova Queen's Facebook post

Refused to pay fee

You was furious as she claimed that she did not instruct the groomer to shave all of Dede's fur, including the inner coat.

Speaking with Mothership, You said that her dog now keeps shivering without her fur, and she has to put two layers of clothes on Dede and use a blanket to keep her from shivering.

She claimed that her husband refused to pay the grooming fee of S$100, and asked for the owner of the company to call them.

You also alleged that the groomer did not apologise to them.

They claimed that instead of receiving a call from the owner of the company, they only received a text message on WhatsApp.

The company claimed that Ong was just following instructions of You's husband; they said that Ong "already did informed repeatedly that the shaver and length used will be botak".

Screenshot courtesy of Henny You

You was deeply upset from the incident, and one of her piano students encouraged her to share her experience on Facebook, which she did.

She subsequently shared her post in the "Dog Lover singapore" Facebook group.

The post was also later shared in the Dog [email protected] Facebook group.

You said that after her Facebook post went out, she received messages from previous customers of Ong, who also alleged that they had bad experiences with Ong as a groomer.

Grooming company responds to pet owner

The company later offered to give a call to You at around 9:57pm, and also at 10:20pm.

You said that she did not respond to the request for a call as it was late.

The company would later follow up with a response via text at length, which again claimed that Ong had "proceeded with [You's husband's] wishes", and You was"blaming [them] for following [her] husband's specific instructions".

Screenshot courtesy of Henny You

Screenshot courtesy of Henny You

As of the time of writing, You said that she has yet to receive a refund or follow-up action from the grooming company.

The grooming company has since posted a statement on their Facebook page on Jan. 10.

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Top image via Bossa Nova Queen's Facebook post