LTA confiscates woman's pimped-up PMA with shelter after she keeps riding it on road

Pimp My Aid.

Belmont Lay | January 22, 2021, 03:47 AM

The Land Transport Authority has confiscated a monster Personal Mobility Aid that has been repurposed into a road-worthy, scooter-like device utilised by a woman who rode it on the road in Singapore.

The impounding of the illegal PMA was revealed by LTA in a Facebook post on Jan. 21.

The post did not share the exact location the woman was spotted, only that officers managed to stop her after being alerted to her antics.

Has shelter installed

The three-wheeled device appeared to have been modified with an overhead shelter that protects the user from the sun and rain, as well as with various devices that afforded other conveniences.

These included side mirrors that allowed the user to have a view of traffic behind her, and the front and back baskets installed provided ample carrying capacity for personal belongings.

Such devices can cost upwards of S$1,200.

Woman is able-bodied

LTA mentioned in its post that the woman was apprehended and that she was able-bodied.

The PMA was impounded.

The authority that oversees traffic and mobility-related issues also reminded those who ride their PMAs on the roads that this is not allowed.

Those caught and found guilty may face a fine up to S$2,000 and/ or imprisonment up to three months.

LTA also said as a reminder that others should not abuse PMAs that are meant for those with mobility issues to travel more freely and live an active life.