Tanah Merah resident snaps from afar pink-necked green pigeon couple huddling in rain

To keep each other warm.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 08, 2021, 11:44 AM

2021 started with chilly weather as heavy and continuous rain fell over the New Year's weekend.

While some wildlife managed to seek shelter, some could only wait out the downpour.

Pink-necked green pigeon couple keeping each other warm in the rain

On Jan. 1, an avid nature photographer Adam Maniam managed to capture a tender moment showing a pink-necked green pigeon couple huddled together to keep each other warm during the torrential rain.

Here's the couple at Tanah Merah that Maniam did not expect to see due to bad weather that day:

Photo courtesy of Adam Maniam.

For pink-neck green pigeon, the males are the colourful feathered one with the blueish-grey head, pink upper chest and orange lower chest.

The females have a uniform green plummage.

The female pink-neck green pigeon was spotted resting on the male pigeon's chest, eyes closed, at one point:

Photo courtesy of Adam Maniam.

It then snuggled under the latter's wing as the rain got heavier:

Photo courtesy of Adam Maniam.


Committed couple

Speaking to Mothership, Maniam said that he was about to leave his house to get lunch that day when he noticed slight movement in one of the trees quite a distance away.

The distance made it challenging for him to capture these shots, he recalled, but he was glad to have snapped a few good ones before the couple flew off.

"It was lovely to see the extent to which the couple went to keep each other comfortable. It may not be apparent but many birds go through great lengths to provide for and protect their families, much like humans," Maniam told Mothership.

Maniam later shared this series of photos in some nature and birding groups on Facebook and many people were moved by the birds' behaviour, he said.

Indeed, pink-necked green pigeons are pretty committed when they are in a relationship.

Most of the pink-necked green pigeons display a monogamous relationship.

The couple will construct their nest and raise their chicks together too.

Appreciating nature in Singapore

Picking up nature photography about five years ago, Maniam said that this hobby has become a good way for him to relax and meet new friends.

"Taking nature photographs is a great hobby to take your mind off work because you have to be fully focused on the animal in front of you in order not to miss that split-second shot, which you may have been waiting for hours for. It has also been a great way for me to meet and make friends."


This hobby also made him realise that for small and urbanised country, it is blessed with a huge amount of biodiversity all year round and they are sharing the same living space as us.

"In fact, many of us do not even have to leave the comfort of our homes to enjoy wildlife, as my photographs of the green-pigeon couple show. A number of my other photographs shared below were also taken around my home.

The next time you are out and about in Singapore, look up, look down and look closely - you may be delighted by what you see."

Top photos courtesy of Adam Maniam