Burmese actor becomes viral sensation after posting photos of himself in monk attire

Mandy How | January 19, 2021, 06:57 PM

If you haven't heard of Paing Takhon, now you have.

The 24-year-old is a Burmese actor, model, singer, and entrepreneur.

He also recently became the internet's newest boyfriend, after a Jan. 12 Instagram post by him became a subject of international interest.

Some irony to the situation, though, is the fact that Paing Takhon was sharing about his 10-day stint as a monk.

The actor said in his caption that he had spent the beginning of 2021 in that capacity.

"I felt so peaceful and knew myself more..." he added.

Photo via @Paing Takhon on Instagram

Photo via @Paing Takhon on Instagram

Photo via @Paing Takhon on Instagram

Photo via @Paing Takhon on Instagram

Photo via @Paing Takhon on Instagram

Photo via @Paing Takhon on Instagram

Paing Takhon's post netted more than 189,000 likes, while his previous posts ranged from 40,000 - 80,000 likes.


For the stint, though, Paing Takhon had to shave off his hair, which some followers lamented about.


Not everyone can pull off poodle-esque hair:



Debuted seven years ago

Paing Takhon, who is also the ambassador for OPPO and Sunkist, debuted as a model in 2014.



He subsequently received offers for TV commercials, and went on to appear in music videos.

From there, Paing Takhon segued into the film industry. He has acted in three movies so far, with one more movie and television series coming up.

In 2016, he released an album named Chit Thu (lover).

Outside of his career in the entertainment industry, the model is currently majoring in Psychology at University of Distance Education, Yangon.

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Top image via @Paing Takhon on Instagram