Ong Ye Kung: In 'exception' to rule, stickers to be allowed on Tuas lamp post 1

Stickers, not sticklers.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 07, 2021, 01:09 PM

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Tuas lamp post 1 is an iconic spot for Singapore cyclists.

There are numerous posts, and blogs, detailing different journeys to the lamp post.

Cyclists will then often paste a sticker on the lamp post during their pit stops there.

Late last year, a bit of a stir was caused when pictures of workers taking down the stickers circulated online, with later photos showing the bare lamp post after the stickers were cleared.

Image via Siti Musfirah on Facebook.

Image from AR SH AD/ Facebook

In a January 7, 2021 post, Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung addressed the matter.

In his post, he acknowledged the special nature of the lamp post, and what it means to cyclists in Singapore.

"Urban folklore has it that cyclists on round-island trips will make a pit stop there, where they will take photos with the lamp post, and leave their favourite stickers behind," he wrote.

After discussions involving the Land Transport Authority and JTC, the government agencies decided to make an exception for this lamp post.

"We decided to make an exception for this lamp post, given that it's a far out location and a special spot to help cyclists find their way."

Ong said that making this exception would "not cause disamenities or pose safety hazards to the public".

Here is his full Facebook post.

Image from Chun Hui Lim/Google Maps and AR SH AD/ Facebook

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