Fortune cat with extra thicc muscular arm on sale to help you beckon the 'Huat Ah' in 2021

Help you make some gains this year.

Lean Jinghui | January 18, 2021, 12:14 PM

Fortune cats are one of the staple paraphernalia for Asian households and businesses.

Otherwise called "Zhao Cai Mao" in Chinese, or "Maneki Neko" in Japanese, fortune cats are believed to bring in money, luck, good fortune and everything else positive in between for their owners.

And to overcome the fortune deficit of 2020, an extra buff muscular fortune cat, with a thicc right arm, will help wave in all the huat you will need for this new year to make some gains.

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More strength, more luck

Raising the right paw is believed to invite good fortune and money, while raising the left is to attract customers.

This beefed up feline has its right paw raised to help the downtrodden rake in more dough for the year.

Gold, white, & silver colours

Different coloured cats have different "feng shui", which signify different meanings.

White is supposed to represent happiness, purity, and attract positivity, while grey/ silver attracts noblemen and helpful people in your life.

Gold is meant to bring intense money luck and good fortune, so it's probably the one you should get if you are keen on the moolah.

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Available on Shopee and Lazada

The muscular fortune cat is currently available in gold or white on Shopee.

Prices start at S$62.94 for 23cm, and S$101.45 for 32cm.

Consider this debt financing or an investment, or simply paying money now to hopefully make some more later.

Image via Shopee

If you're looking for something more flamboyant, you can opt for this gold/ silver edition, going for S$204.

A hole in your pocket it might make, but a whole ton of money it can rake.

Image via Shopee

The muscular fortune cat is also available on Lazada in gold or pearl white, at S$47 for 24cm, and S$74.10 for 31cm.

Image via Lazada

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