Li Chuan fishball & cuttlefish ball recalled after pork DNA allegedly found in products: Muis

With help from Brunei.

Sulaiman Daud | January 31, 2021, 01:14 AM

Two products by Li Chuan were found to apparently contain traces of pork DNA.

Photo from Linda Amin's Facebook page.

Photo from Linda Amin's Facebook page.

This was discovered by religious authorities in Brunei, following an inspection.

This is despite the fact that the Li Chuan holds a Muis Halal Religious Certificate.

On Jan. 29, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) announced that they were investigating the issue.

Here's what went down:

Jan. 25

The Department of Syariah Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs in Brunei informed Muis that porcine DNA in two of Li Chuan Food Products Pte Ltd’s products -- Li Chuan Fish Ball and Li Chuan Cuttlefish Ball -- were found in random samples tested in Brunei.

Brunei employs random DNA testing of products as part of routine testing.

Muis immediately launched an investigation into the matter.

Jan. 27

Muis conducted an inspection of the production plant and retrieved samples of affected products.

The samples have been sent for testing in accredited laboratories.

Muis will consider their next move once investigations are completed.

Withdraw products from the market

Pending the outcome of the investigation, the company has agreed to Muis’ request to withdraw the affected products from the Singapore market.

Unlike Brunei's DNA testing, Muis' approach is to undertake random sampling of high-risk food products such as meat and meat-based processed items.

Muis’ checks focus on the ingredients used, production and preparation processes, facilities and compliance records such as invoices and recognised Halal certificates of ingredients used where applicable.

Muis added:

"Presently, Muis does not adopt routine porcine DNA testing in its processes as we are of the view that DNA testing should be employed only when there is a robust understanding and framework developed, that is agreed upon by religious scholars and experts.

Muis will continue to monitor the development of porcine DNA testing technology and assess whether it is necessary to include such testing as part of Singapore’s Halal certification process."

Muis urges the public to refrain from speculation until the investigation is complete and reiterated its commitment to ensuring that requirements for the dietary needs of the Muslim community continue to be met.

Top image from Linda Amin and Muis' Facebook pages.