Mos Burger opens new cafe concept at One Fullerton with milkshakes & snack platter


Fasiha Nazren | January 25, 2021, 07:10 PM

Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger has opened a new outlet at One Fullerton.

Photo from Mos Burger.

Thanks to its location, customers can dine with the view of the Merlion Park.

Photo from Mos Burger.

Officially opened on Jan. 25, the new outlet is said to boast a burger bistro or cafe concept with new and exclusive items on the menu.

Exclusive new menu

These exclusive offerings include milkshakes.

Starting from S$4.50, the milkshakes come in four flavours:

  • Coffee (S$4.50)
  • Mango (S$4.80)
  • Matcha (S$4.50)
  • Vanilla (S$4.50)

Apart from milkshakes, one can also have a meal along with a pint of Tiger Beer.

For snacks, there is the signature platter (S$15.90), which includes mussel nuggets, buffalo wings and onion rings.

Photo from Mos Burger.

From Feb. 8, Mos Burger will also have two limited edition burgers:

  • Roasted garlic chicken burger (S$9.30): Chicken patty roasted lime garlic, rocket vegetables, diced tomatoes and sliced cheese.
  • Fiery Wagyu cheese burger (S$9.30): Wagyu beef patty marinated overnight with herbs, rocket vegetables, sliced tomatoes, Mongolian sauce and Tabasco.

To celebrate the launch of the new outlet, Mos Burger will have biweekly promotions till March 22, 2021:

Top image from Mos Burger Singapore.