Man built 11 speed bumps near house in M'sia after getting annoyed by vehicle noise

Taking matters into his own hands.

Ashley Tan | January 15, 2021, 05:56 PM

One man in Malaysia was so fed up with the noise from vehicles passing by his house that he took matters into his own hands.

Became "depressed" due to noise

Nor Muhamad Roslam Harun built 11 speed bumps to slow down vehicles travelling on the road near his house in Besut, Malaysia.

The speed bumps were installed along a 40m stretch of road.

Photo from InfoKuala / Twitter

According to Bernama, the 40-year-old said that the racket the vehicles caused disturbed his sleep.

He became "depressed" due to this, which exacerbated his other health issues as well.

Roslam was so upset that he forked out RM1,080 (S$354.83) from his RM5,000 (S$1,642.75) i-Sinar Employees Provident Fund.

Those eligible for the i-Sinar fund include workers who are self-employed, in the formal sector, or the gig economy. It also includes those whose total income has been reduced by 30 per cent since Mar. 2020.

Hard to navigate

The 11 speed bumps however, soon became an inconvenience to motorists.

A video filmed by one motorist showed him slowly navigating the bumps, which caused his vehicle to move up and down jarringly.

Roslam confessed that he originally wanted to build lower speed bumps. However, the asphalt hardened too fast, resulting in steeper and higher speed bumps.

Apologised for building the speed bumps

News of the speed bumps soon went viral online, and police eventually approached Roslam to advise him to remove the speed bumps.

Which he eventually did.

Bernama reported that Roslam also apologised for the hassle he caused motorists, and "admitted his mistakes".

He has since hired a bulldozer to level all the speed bumps, including the additional two that were on the road originally.

Top photo from InfoKuala / Twitter