Video shows car driving in an extremely flooded Lorong Halus

Certainly a wetland.

Andrew Koay | January 02, 2021, 03:39 PM

2021 has started with rain bucketing down on Singapore.

Inevitably with the volume of rain experienced, some places might be experiencing flooding.

A video posted by SG Road Vigilante appears to show a road in Singapore's east that drivers might do well to avoid — Lorong Halus.

The video begins with a photo of a car seemingly stuck in the floodwaters.

Two people in hi-visibility wear are in the knee-deep water and can be seen assisting the half-submerged vehicle.

Short GIF of the flooded roads at Lorong Halus

The rest of the video appears to be taken from the front seat of a truck and shows extensive flooding at Lorong Halus.

How to drive through a flooded area

According to the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) drivers should avoid roads that are reported to be flooded, even after the rain has stopped.

If they do need to drive through a flooded area, they should assess the depth of the flood before proceeding.

Floods deeper than 15cm should be avoided as this depth can stall most cars and possibly damage the engine and electronics.

If proceeding through flooded roads, AAS advises drivers to move slowly and steadily in low gear to keep engine speed relatively high and constant until the vehicle is out of the water.

After exiting the flooded area, drivers should dry their brakes by gently tapping on the brake pedal.

More tips on driving in flooded situations can be found here.

Top image from SG Road Vigilante Facebook page