S'pore fish farm giving away S$88 barramundi bundles daily from Jan. 19 - 22, no strings attached

Fish is considered auspicious due to its Chinese homonym of 'abundance'.

Joshua Lee | January 16, 2021, 11:08 AM

If you love to eat fish, you might want to check out this giveaway.

Local fish farm Kühlbarra is giving away "premium fish bundles" worth S$88 daily from January 19 to 22.

Each set contains approximately 3.2kg of barramundi. You get:

  • 200g of barramundi belly
  • 1kg of barramundi fish head
  • 2kg of barramundi chunks

Every day, the farm will give away 58 sets of such bundles. Over a four-day period, that amounts to 232 sets of barramundi.

The fish that come in the bundles will be deboned and descaled. Kühlbarra's barramundi also contains neither growth hormones nor antibiotics.

There are no strings attached in this giveaway. You do not have to purchase anything and there are no hidden costs involved. All you have to do is flash this image:

Starting 2021 on a better note

Kühlbarra's giveaway is named "Fish from us, Huat to you" and it's a part of the farm's Chinese New Year campaign called "吃好鱼,过好年" (eat good fish for an auspicious year).

The farm said in a message to Mothership that after a difficult year in 2020, it wishes to help fellow Singaporeans and residents start 2021 on a better note.

What is a barramundi?

Kühlbarra is located in the southern waters of Singapore. Unlike traditional kelongs, it only rears barramundi, which is also known as the Asian seabass. To the older generation, it’s the kim bak lor.

Barramundi looks like this:

A typical 200g fresh barramundi portion goes for S$10.70 on Kühlbarra's website. A 1kg fresh barramundi fillet from Kühlbarra costs S$53.50.

Kühlbarra barramundi giveaway

Dates: January 19 - 22, 2021

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Venue: Fassler Gourmet Pte Ltd, 46 Woodlands Terrace, S738459 (map)

Important notes: The giveaway is limited to one set per person. There are only 58 sets to be given away per day, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each set contains approximately 3.2kg of barramundi. You will have to bring your own bag.

Go to Kühlbarra's Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on the giveaway.

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Top images: Kühlbarra.