M'sian woman makes fish soup with pet Japanese koi, says it tastes like silver catfish

A pretty expensive soup.

Jane Zhang | January 20, 2021, 03:58 PM

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Those of us in Singapore know the stories of otters happily feasting on luxurious koi.

One woman in Malaysia decided not to leave the fun to the otters, and cooked her Japanese koi into a soup to eat after they accidentally died from suffocation.

Preparation process

One Amanda Omeychua posted on the Facebook group MASAK APA TAK JADI HARI NI OFFICIAL (which roughly translates to "things that I failed to cook today") to share about her experience.

According to World of Buzz, the woman decided to cook the fish after they suffocated. Her domestic helper had apparently forgotten to turn off the water to their tank, resulting in low levels of oxygen in the water.

The dead koi fish. Photo via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.

According to photos posted by Amanda, some of the fish measured up to 37cm.

Photo via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.

Here's what the process of cooking the koi was like:

Preparing the fish

Photo via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.

Chopping up the koi

Photo via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.

Boiling into a soup

Photo via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.

Soup ready to serve

Photo via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.

How did it taste?

In her Facebook post, Amanda said that the koi tasted like patin fish. Patin fish is also known as silver catfish, and looks like this:

Photo via Jurong Frog Farm.

Amanda is not the only person to have tried to boil koi in a soup. Commenters on her post claimed that this is not unusual in East Malaysia.

This Filipino YouTuber also recorded himself eating koi fish soup:

"So yummy!" he reviewed.

Overall, it was probably a pretty expensive soup, considering that high-quality koi can cost thousands of dollars, if not more.

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Top photos via Facebook / Amanda Omeychua.