Japanese fans of 7-11 banana milk drink unhappy with 'camouflage packaging'

Slightly less bang for your buck.

Andrew Koay | January 13, 2021, 02:59 PM

Fans of Japanese convenience stores would know that they're a treasure trove of unique snacks and treats.

Of late, 7-11 in Japan has collaborated with popular Tokyo-based banana milk chain Sonna Banana.

According to Sora News 24, Sonna Banana's drinks — concocted from just milk and bananas — are known for their freshness.

They are said to have a "best-by" duration of just 20 minutes.

Together with 7-11, the beverage chain has managed to create a version of the drink with a longer shelf life, one that will be distributed through 7-11 stores and can be consumed at the customer's convenience.

The collaboration was predictably met with significant hype as banana milk drinks are gaining an enthusiastic following amongst consumers.

However, it seems not everyone was 100 per cent satisfied with the offering, due largely to its packaging.

One post on Twitter — which garnered over 22,400 likes — complained that the drink's plastic cup had been painted to give the impression that it had been filled to the brim.

Other posts showed that the cup did indeed come with space to spare.

An irate fan referred to it as "camouflage packaging."

Sora News 24 pointed out that it wasn't the first time 7-11 had offered consumables in packaging that made customers do a double take.

For example, in September 2020, customers noticed that some of the chain’s ready-to-eat meals were actually smaller than their boxes indicated.

There was also a sandwich that appeared to promise much more than it delivered, though 7-11 later clarified that it was a production mistake.

Regardless, if you happen to be in Japan despite the global pandemic and wish to check it out, Sonna Banana's drink can be bought from 7-11 for 194 Japanese yen (S$2.48).

Top image from 7-11 Japan and @towamin's Twitter page

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