SBS staff uses mop to shoo off iguana trying to hitch ride atop bus service 154

How did it get up there?

Ashley Tan | January 19, 2021, 04:58 PM

In yet another video depicting the shenanigans that Singapore's wildlife get up to, here's a curious one featuring an iguana.

Perched on top of bus

In a brief clip posted to the Facebook page, a large reptile was spotted casually perched on top of a SBS Transit bus service 154.

A man could be seen cautiously approaching the iguana with a mop in hand.

He looked ready to swipe or shoo off the reptile, and used the mop to prod the tip of the iguana's tail.

The animal merely flicked its tail back in response.

The video then abruptly ended, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

How did the iguana get on top of the bus? Did the bus driver succeed at wildlife management?

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Not native

Several iguanas have been spotted in some places around Singapore before, including urban areas.

They have also often been seen lounging in Serangoon.

However, iguanas are not native to Singapore.

Iguanas, the name of which refers to a whole genus of the reptiles, originated from Central and South America, and are vastly different from Singapore's native monitor lizards and green crested lizards.

Individuals seen in the wild might have reproduced from escapee pets.

Incidentally, it is illegal to keep iguanas as pets in Singapore.

According to the Animal Veterinary Services (AVS), these exotic pets could potentially threaten the survival of native wildlife should they be released into the wild and propagate.

They might also face difficulties adapting to the environment here.

Any member of public that spots an iguana out and about can call Acres via their 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline at 9783 7782.

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