Ex-actor Huang Yiliang convicted of assaulting Bangladeshi worker, claims he's 'not that bad'

He threw a wooden plank and a plastic pail at the victim before hitting him with a metal scraper.

Kayla Wong | January 23, 2021, 12:41 PM

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Former actor Ng Aik leong, better known as Huang Yiliang, was convicted on Friday, Jan. 22, of assaulting a Bangladeshi worker with a metal scraper.

Ng often cursed at victim and challenged him to fights

The worker, 34-year-old Jahidul, worked for Ng at his plumbing company, HYL Enterprises, and lived in the same house in a room where tools were kept.

According to court docyments, Jahidul said Ng, now 59, would often enter his room at night, turn on the lights and scold him with vulgarities while pointing a finger at his nose.

Ng would also challenge him to fights, but he would not dare to answer as he was frightened of Ng.

Unable to take the abuse, Jahidul requested several times for Ng to send him back to Bangladesh, but Ng had purportedly refused to do so.

Angry that victim bought cable ties for 50 cents more

A day before the assault happened, Ng had become incensed that Jahidul had bought cable ties for 50 cents more than he was willing to pay.

In a voice recording made by the victim, Ng could be heard saying "for all Singaporean" 50 cents is "nothing", and that he was upset that Jahidul was "low class still like to talk c***".

He added: "People slap you ah understand?"

Hit victim twice on stomach and head with metal scraper

On Dec. 11 in 2018, Jahidul said he had just finished cleaning a ventilation duct at the Singapore Islamic Hub when the assault took place. There was no CCTV at the area he was at.

Ng had become annoyed as he thought the victim had not used enough string to tie a plastic bag over a rubbish pail, which supposedly made it difficult to untie.

Angered, Ng threw a wooden plank at him but missed.

Ng subsequently threw a plastic pail at Jahidul, which hit his buttocks, before using a metal scraper that was used to clean dirt and oil to hit him twice.

He first hit the victim once on his stomach first, before bringing the metal scraper down on his head, resulting in injuries to the victim's torso and scalp.

When the victim tried to take a picture of what was happening to him, Ng pushed his phone away and tried to swing the scraper at his head again.

But this time, Jahidul managed to grab hold of the scraper and the two men tussled over it.

The victim did not let go of the scraper as he was afraid that Ng would "beat [him] up using that".

Besides visible bruises on his head area, there was also a 10cm-long injury on his body, Lianhe Zaobao reported.

Ng claimed victim asked him to beat him

Ng, who was not represented by a lawyer, acted out parts of the scene, and claimed the victim had asked him to beat him, CNA reported.

The Straits Times further reported that Ng claimed that Jahidul had treated him "as his father", and that the victim said: "I allow you to hammer me because I do things so slowly."

But Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En said "the ridiculousness of the... defence speaks for itself".

He added: "As the victim put it, the accused's story was laughable as no one would have the sense to ask someone else to beat them."

Ng, who is out on bail after paying a S$15,000 bail, told reporters outside of the court that he thinks he is "not that bad".

He then said "thank you" and hurriedly walked when reporters tried to ask him about the details of the case.

Ng, who left Mediacorp in 2008 after working as an actor for more than 20 years, will be sentenced on Feb. 26.

Those convicted of causing hurt with a weapon can be jailed for up to seven years, and fined or caned.

Ng cannot be caned as he is more than 50 years old.

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Top image adapted via Zaobao/YouTube & Google Maps