Channel 8 actress Huang Biren says Xie Shaoguang is her benefactor & misses him very much

One of the best Singaporean actors.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 30, 2021, 08:34 PM

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Longtime Channel 8 viewers will agree that one of the best on-screen couples is Huang Biren and Xie Shaoguang.

The two versatile actors had stolen viewers' hearts and kept our eyes glued to the TV back in the good old days.

Since then, Huang has taken a long hiatus to spend time with her family before returning to the scene recently, while Xie has retired from showbiz for more than 15 years.

Like many loyal Channel 8 fans, Huang revealed that she misses Xie very much.

Hard to catch Xie

In Quan Yifeng's talk show titled 'Hear Me Out', Huang said that it's very hard to catch up with Xie or know how he's been doing.

He's a private person who only discussed work-related matters, Huang recalled.

When she heard that Xie became a head chef at a restaurant in Johor Bahru in 2016, she wanted to meet up with him.

However, she just gave birth to her second child and later was pregnant with her third child, so they only spoke on the phone.

"He is very low-profile and even though I tried to reach out to him a few times, he always says that he's busy and will return my call. But he didn't call me back even till today. I'm not complaining but I really miss him," Huang said in the interview.

Xie is her benefactor

Huang revealed that Xie was a very caring colleague and she's very grateful towards this "benefactor".

Huang said that while she was filming a drama in Taiwan in 1999, Xie knew that she was pregnant and allowed her to finish shooting her parts first so that she can return to Singapore earlier.

Taiwan later had a 7.3-magnitude earthquake and Xie was still there.

She heard that a hotel near where they stayed had collapsed and was really worried for Xie.

She said that if anything happened to Xie, she will feel "guilty for life".

Someone met Xie last July at a market

Huang also shared that she saw a photo of Xie recently as someone she knew met Xie at a market by chance in July 2020.

She said that he appeared to have gained weight.

She felt emotional after seeing the photo as she has a lot to tell him.

However, she's happy that he's doing fine.

Top image via Huang Biren/Facebook screenshot and via Chinapress