Jalan Besar hawker sells S$5 noodles with handmade beef balls that are 99% beef

Pure beefy goodness.

Joshua Lee | January 27, 2021, 08:01 PM

If you like beef, you might want to check out The Beef House at 217 Syed Alwi Road.

The stall, located in a coffeeshop, has been selling handmade beef balls here for 20 years.

The most popular dish is the noodles with beef ball soup (S$4 or S$5).

You can choose from bee hoon, kway teow, or Hakka noodles topped with fatty minced pork. You will also get a bowl of clear soup with six huge beef balls.

The beef balls here are the star. These juicy meat balls are much bigger than those you will find elsewhere and they have a bouncy texture with a bite.

The soup is clear but full of taste, because the beef balls are soaked in it.

There are two types of beef balls available here. First up, the regular ones made with lean beef.

There are also the beef tendon balls made with tendons, veins and cartilage.

What goes into these beef balls, you might ask.

According to CNA, 99 per cent of each beef ball is actual beef. The other one per cent is cornstarch, which is needed to bind the meat together.

The noodles are done well and topped with fatty minced pork.

Every day, about 50kg of fresh, raw meat is made into about 2,500 beef balls.

Firstly, the fat is removed from the raw beef. Then the meat is put through a 30-year-old machine to be mixed with seasonings and minced into a paste.

The paste is then scooped and moulded by hand into beef balls — which explains the balls' irregular shapes.

The balls are then boiled lightly before they are frozen for two days. The freezing process makes the balls bouncy.

The beef balls are very popular. Via chefquak on Google Maps.

The beef balls are so popular that customers visit to buy 1kg packs of frozen beef ball to take away.

On the day of our visit, a customer told us that she knew of a elderly couple from Jurong who would travel to The Beef House every week just to eat their beef ball noodles.

The Beef House has been selling Hakka beef balls for 20 years.

The shop is located at Gar Lok Eating House.

The Beef House

Operating hours: Saturdays to Thursdays, 8am to 5pm

Address: 217 Syed Alwi Road, S'pore 207776, Gar Lok Eating House (map)

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