You can earn up to 100,000 GrabRewards points by playing GrabRewardsville. Here’s how.

45 million points have already been given out.

| Siti Hawa | Sponsored | January 26, 2021, 08:07 PM

Whether it’s having your groceries delivered through GrabMart or using Grab’s ride-hailing service, the Grab app has brought much convenience to our lives.

Now, Grab is introducing a fun twist to the app with GrabRewardsville, a simple game on the app that allows you to earn up to 100,000 Grab points while taking Grab.

In fact, as many as 45 million Grab points have already been given out. Here’s a brief introduction to the game:

How to play 

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple, all you have to do is plant trees using seeds. 

Each new player will receive three free seeds to begin with. Go to this website, login to your existing Grab account and enable your Location Services.

You’ll go through a brief tutorial explaining what GrabRewardsville is all about. 

After planting the free seeds, players need to take Grab rides to gain more seeds. Two seeds will be given per qualifying Grab ride. Do note that users have to be at the exact geo-location to plant a seed. 

A qualifying Grab ride is a Grab ride transaction that 

  • Is made from now till Jan. 31, 2021 at 11:59pm
  • Is not a GrabHitch and GrabResponse transaction
  • Is transacted via GrabPay or GrabPay credits payment methods.

Once the ride is complete, users can find their two seeds under “MyRewards”. Users can then copy and paste the code in the game to redeem the seeds.

Redeem points at any three tree stages

Once the seedling grows, you can choose to redeem points at either the Seedling, Sapling and Tree stage. Each stage will give you varying amounts of points.

Photo courtesy of Grab

You can plant different types of trees, with the Diamond Tree being the best. However, the type of tree you get is solely by luck.

Photo courtesy of Grab

Photo courtesy of Grab

To increase your chances of planting Excellent and Diamond Trees, plant your tree at Rich or Deluxe soils which can be found at more “elusive” areas.

The best soil region will change every week to level the playing field for everyone. Here’s a rough guide of where the different types of soils can be found:

Photo courtesy of Grab

Clues, called Deluxe Soil Clue, are given in the game to help players find the location of the Deluxe Soil. There’s also a telegram chat for players to discuss the location and share tips.

Photo courtesy of Grab

Photo courtesy of Grab

Players can also complete "Missions" to get more seeds, such as:

  • Plant a seed in Deluxe Soil
  • Grow an Excellent Tree
  • Grow a Diamond Tree

Photo courtesy of Grab

Personal Experience

Photo courtesy of Grab

After hearing about GrabRewardsville, I was interested to try it, especially since every user gets three free seeds. I found the gameplay to be smooth and easy to understand. 

I’m a casual player and only focused on planting trees in shopping malls which are more likely to produce “Healthy Trees”. 

The ‘best’ tree I managed to plant was an Excellent tree which rewarded me with 1,080 points. 

Overall, the game is very easy to play and it took little to no effort for me to accumulate and redeem the points. However, if you’re a more serious player, you’ll likely earn more points. 


To add on to the excitement, Grab has also launched a contest on its Instagram page which will run from now till Jan. 31, 2021. 

Users can share their progress through screenshots and tag Grab on Facebook, Instagram or Instagram Story.

Those who have their entry featured on Grab’s social media account will be given one GrabRewardsville Tote Bag.

The first 20 users to complete 11 Missions in the game and share their progress on their social media and tag Grab will win a full set of four plushies. Winners will be contacted by Grab individually.

Photo courtesy of Grab

This sponsored article in collaboration with Grab transformed the writer into a tree-planting fanatic.

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